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Welcome to Kennedy's Korner, where you will find the best possible gun safe at the best possible price.

As a gun owner, you know how important it is to protect your guns from theft, fire and access by children.  Gun safes are the best way to store and protect your weapons and personal items.  Please take consideration in these aspects when making your safe purchase: 

  • How many weapons you currently own, pistols, rifles, and accessories.  Once you have taken count add one for each scope and large gauge, as they will take up the space of two guns. 
  • How many guns will you be adding in the near future along with other items.
  • Where would you like to put the safe and alternate locations in case your initial idea does not work.  Measure your door frames from the inside and also know the dimensions of the space where you would like to put the safe.

At Kennedy's Korner we understand that buying a safe is not always easy and may include a lot of ideas and questions.  Feel free to contact us and ask questions and go over your ideas before making your investment.