About Us

In 1982 Gary Kennedy was introduced to designing and selling gun safes in Dallas Fort Worth and started Kennedy's Korner.  In the beginning he was putting together a welder, painter, and a design to get the job done.  Some of these designs and ideas would later result in the production and collaboration of a few well known gun safe companies in the industry.  He continued to sell safes under Kennedy's Korner and sold multiple brands and has collected knowledge of not only how to sell a safe, but what goes into the design, and what it takes to properly suit his clients needs.  Kennedy's Korner has provided service to clientele throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and even as far as Florida.  Kennedy's Korner is a family owned and operated to provide a secure and trustworthy environment for our clients.  Gary and his wife Cheri own and operate the business and can be seen at the gun shows.  Buddie can be seen at the warehouse or gun shows.  Kinne can be seen at the Dallas warehouse and at the shows around Dallas and Fort Worth.  Kris can be seen at the gun shows and at the warehouse in San Antonio.  Baikal can be seen at the warehouse in San Antonio.  Feel free to contact any of us here at Kennedy's Korner.